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How Do I Launch My Concept?

The Toy Industry has many pitching opportunities, agents and trade shows that support entrepreneurs with any sized budget or experience level. We believe in equal access and that the next hit toy or game can come from anywhere! We hope you find our resources page helpful. Please know that the UIA and Toy Hub is providing the following information as a free resource for inventors. The UIA and Toy Hub does not endorse or recommend any particular company, person, or website. Always do your own research!


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Submit Your Concept to a Toy Company

The following companies accept invention concept submissions through their online portals. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions before submitting.

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Pitch Your Concept In Person

The following events allow inventors to meet with toy companies to present & pitch their concepts in person.

Trade Shows

These toy trade shows are great places to do market research, make connections, and possibly launch your company and concept.

Inventor Agents

These agents may be able to open doors for you and present your

invention and concept for licensing.

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Information You Can Use

These websites provide information about the toy and game industries that that may be helpful to you.